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Jobs With the University of Kentucky Jobs – Company Profile

Jobs with the University of KentuckyThe University of Kentucky is located in Lexington, KY and was established in 1865. John Bowman was its founder when the school was named the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky. The school is a co-educational university. The University of Kentucky is the largest college/university in the state with 16 colleges and a graduate school. Undergraduate students make up 73% of the student body and 90% attend the university full-time. The student to faculty ratio is 18:1.Continue Reading

Jobs with IKEA – Company Profile

Jobs with IKEAWhen people think of furniture and home solutions, they often think of IKEA, a store that started in Sweden 70 years ago and has since taken the rest of the world by storm.Continue Reading

Jobs with Home Depot – Company Profile

Jobs with Home DepotThe Home Depot has long been a choice destination for both contractors and DIY’ers alike. Founded in Atlanta, GA, in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, Home Depot is the largest home improvement specialty company in the world, with retail locations in all 50 states and Washington, DC, as well as in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, and 10 provinces in Canada.Continue Reading

Jobs with Staples – Company Profile

Jobs with Staples In 1985, when someone needed pencils, pens, typewriter ribbons, and more, they would turn to local suppliers and neighborhood stationary store. However, these tried and true venues were not flexible and accessible enough for former supermarket executive Tom Stemberg, who decided to open an office product store using some of the same concepts that were so successful for many of the supermarkets he ran. When the first Staples opened later that year, accessibility and value were key components. Continue Reading

Jobs with Quiznos – Company Profile

Jobs with QuiznosToasting submarine sandwiches seems like a simple concept but it is one that’s enabled QIP Holder LLC, or Quiznos, to become the second largest sandwich shop chain in North America.  Founded in 1981 by experienced chef, Jimmy Lambatos, Quiznos currently has 1,500 domestic and 600 international locations. Based in Denver Colorado, the company began with the initial concept of oven baked sandwiches Lambatos remembered from his childhood in New York to establishing locations throughout the United States.Continue Reading

Jobs with Stop & Shop – Company Profiles

Jobs with Stop & ShopWith roots stretching back to the early 1900s, The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company has grown from a small town grocer to one of the largest supermarket chains in the northeastern United States. Opened in 1914, it took just four years before another 31 stores were opened and just 15 years until peaking at 435 stores in 1929.

Continue Reading

Jobs at Pep Boys – Company Profile

Jobs at Pep BoysPep Boys began its almost 100-year history with the original “boys,” Manny Rosenfeld, Moe Strauss, and W. Graham “Jack” Jackson in 1921 with their first store in Philadelphia, PA. Going west in 1933, the founders opened more Pep Boys stores in Los Angeles. The foundation for their company was “helping people and doing the right thing,” which remains the guiding principle and value of the organization today. Pep Boys began a separate corporation in the 1930s, The Pep Boys. The original company, Pep Boys, became a public company on the American Stock Exchange in the 1940s.Continue Reading

Jobs with Spherion – Company Profile

Jobs with SpherionSpherion Staffing was founded in 1946 in Chicago by Leroy Dettman, who looked to fill a need for contingent labor. The goal then, as now, was to connect the right employee with the right business at the right time. The company was known then as City Car Unloaders, helping local companies find temporary help in the loading and unloading of freight shipments. The value of this kind of service across all industries was quickly realized and Dettman expanded the business to include clerical and administrative office support.Continue Reading

Jobs with Sam’s Club – Company Profile

Jobs with Sam’s Club Sam’s Club, the membership version of the Walmart enterprise and philosophy, was established in 1983, with the first store opening in Midwest City, Oklahoma. In just one year, membership at Sam’s Club grew to over 2 million members. Within five years, there were 104 Sam’s Clubs and a membership of 7 million people.Continue Reading