7 LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

LinkedIn job tips you need to know

By now, you probably know you need to have a presence on LinkedIn if you’re in the market for a new job, or looking to advance your career. But simply being present isn’t enough. Savvy job seekers know how to leverage LinkedIn to nurture and grow their networks, which is often the best way to gain access to job opportunities.

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Changing Industries? Here’s How to Get the Job Anyway

How to get the job when you're changing industries

Applying life and work experience to a new industry job search can help you avoid newbie job seeker mistakes.

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4 Ways to Totally Annoy Hiring Managers in any Industry

four ways to annoy hiring managers

Try out these annoying job search techniques to take your name right out of the running for your dream position.

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Why You’re Not Getting the Job: Part 2

why you're not getting the job

Are you committing one of these job searching screw-ups? Hiring leaders chime in on things you might not realize are costing you a call back or a job offer.

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How to Get a Job With Little Experience in the Field

how to get a job iwith little experience in the field

With the right job search strategy, landing that first job with little experience under your belt can be less challenging than you thought.

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Why You’re Not Getting the Job: Experts Weigh In (Part 1)


What job search blunders have you been committing? Hiring managers reveal the biggest factors why you’re not getting the job.

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How to Find a Job When You Have a Criminal Record


If you approach your job search strategically and learn how to play up your strengths, many employers will overlook a criminal record.

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Is Your Personality Type Linked to Career Happiness?


Figure our your personality type and it could just influence your next job search.

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5 Ways Finding a Job is Like Prepping for a Blizzard

how preparing for a blizzard is like finding a job

What does blizzard preparation have to do with your job search? More than you’d think!

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How to Beat the System: Applicant Tracking System, That Is


Even if you’re the most qualified candidate on Earth, if you don’t learn how to beat the Applicant Tracking System, you might never get the call.

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New Job? Don’t Screw It Up


What you do in the early weeks of a new job can help you build and advance your career.

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Catch Some Job Search Strategies from “Shark Tank”

Career lessons from "Shark Tank"

If you pay close attention, the success formula on Shark Tank is really not all that different from how to land a job.

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How to Job Search on the Down Low

How to do your job search on the down low

Keep these sneaky job search strategies in mind if you’re on the new position prowl, but still have a job.

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How to Stay Focused on Your Job Search


Spending 20 minutes a day on job boards isn’t enough. Here are some ways to have an effective job search.

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How to Talk Money on an Interview

Five steps that could add up to a salary you love.

Five ways to get the paycheck you want.

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How To Blow Your Interview and Not Get Asked Back


you wouldn’t believer the true stories that hiring managers have to tell. Lucky for you, we’ve got some for you right here, so you can learn how to not be “that guy” — the one that interviewers talk about well after the meeting is over, and not in a good way.

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Having Trouble Finding a Job? Not in THESE Industries

industries with increased hiring

If you’re open to some career exploration, knowing which industries are hot can help you perform a more targeted job search.

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Jobs with IKEA – Company Profile

Jobs with IKEA

Career opportunities at IKEA are available in 12 different work areas, including retail, product development, purchasing, distribution and warehouse, and support functions.

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Jobs with Home Depot – Company Profile

Jobs with Home Depot

Currently, Home Depot operates 2,266 locations throughout the world and employs 300,000 associates across all divisions, including retail, distribution, call center, corporate, home services, supply chain, and merchandising.

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Jobs with Staples – Company Profile

Jobs with Staples

Their hope that customers would view Staples as the one and only stop for every office needs is what Staples and its 83,000 associates strive for daily.

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Jobs with Quiznos – Company Profile

Jobs with Quizno's

Beyond franchise opportunities, Quizno’s has built an impressive employment infrastructure with opportunities for those in marketing, R&D, purchasing, accounting and more.

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Jobs with Stop & Shop – Company Profiles

Jobs with Stop & Shop

More than 40,000 employees are loyal to the individual Stop & Shop stores in which they work.

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Jobs at Pep Boys – Company Profile

Jobs at Pep Boys

Today, Pep Boys is known for service and also a destination for do-it-yourself mechanics with stock of over 25,000 car parts, accessories, and tires.

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Jobs with Spherion – Company Profile

Jobs with Spherion

Spherion Staffing is known for connecting job-seekers and companies seeking employees, as well as offer franchise opportunities and staffing positions.

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Jobs with Sam’s Club – Company Profile

Jobs with Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club, a child of the Walmart enterprise, offers jobs in retail, distribution, healthcare, and various roles at the corporate level.

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