5 Ways Finding a Job is Like Prepping for a Blizzard

how preparing for a blizzard is like finding a job

When you’re stuck in the house because a major blizzard is on its way, it’s a good time to do some job searching. While you’re at it, you could also apply some storm preparation tactics to your career exploration.

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How to Beat the System: Applicant Tracking System, That Is


Even if you’re the most qualified candidate on Earth, if you don’t learn how to beat the Applicant Tracking System, you might never get the call.

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New Job? Don’t Screw It Up


What you do in the early weeks of a new job can help you build and advance your career.

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The Two Big Mistakes Young Job Seekers Make

job mistakes young job seekers make

Ask yourself this: Is your resume or your outdated job search style holding you back?

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Career Goals to Set This Year: Think Small

career goals to set for the new year

To really see career results in 2015, here are some smaller, achievable goals to set your sights on, which will ultimately set you up for success.

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