These 4 Job Search Steps Can Help You Find Your Best Employer Match

Many people approach their job search something like this: These are my skills. This company is in the same industry as my former employer. I’ll apply there. Or this: These are a bunch of job postings. I’ll just send out my resume and see if I get any bites.

If you’re using either or those methods, you’re probably not happy with the results so far. In order to really begin your job search journey, you need to start with knowing what’s important to you, says Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer at Decision Toolbox, a virtual recruiting firm. Here are her suggested steps for doing an effective job search, and landing a position that’s best suited for you, rather than any old job.Continue Reading

Job Interview Body Language Dos and Don’ts

job interview body language tips

Don’t miss this career expert’s take on why job interview body language can make or break your job chances.

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Turn Your Job Search Into a Campaign to Speed Things Up


By turning your job search into a full-fledged campaign, you can speed up your job search.

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What Younger Employees Should Know About Older Staffers


If you want to make a great impression on seasoned employees, while staying true to your work style, you’ll have to bridge the workplace generation gap.

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Would You Party for a Paycheck?

Party for a Paycheck? Direct Selling Jobs

If you’re interested in venturing out on your own, why not explore a direct selling opportunity that’s built around the concept of in-home parties?

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