How to Tackle Workplace Problems with Help from HR

shutterstock_188182664In a perfect world, you could go to work, do a great job, and get a pat on the back from your boss. Unfortunately, you could end up working for a manager or a company culture that isn’t ideal, and even causes you stress and drama.

If you’re wondering what to do if your boss isn’t doing his/her job, or if you feel you’re being treated unfairly, Human Resources could help. The key is knowing when to involve HR and how to approach the situation. We spoke with Claire Bissot, HR Consulting Manager at CBIZ, which offers business services including Human Resources, for her thoughts on how to handle hairy workplace situations. Take a look.Continue Reading

How to Stay Focused on Your Job Search


Spending 20 minutes a day on job boards isn’t enough. Here are some ways to have an effective job search.

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To Accept or Not to Accept: Big Job Offer Questions to Consider


Before you accept a job offer, ask some questions so there are no big surprises when you sign on.

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Job Search 101: First Impressions Count


Here are some factors to consider to make sure your first impression — especially when it comes to finding a job — is a positive one.

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Odd Jobs of the Rich and Famous [infographic]

Odd jobs of the rich and famous - celebrity jobs

The rich and famous had to get their start somewhere, proving that any job can be a stepping stone on the pathway to success. Check out some of odd jobs of the now rich and famous.

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