Human Resource Pros: What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?

Big Data is causing companies to take another look at their analytics.Big Data, the latest business buzzword, doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating if you’re wrestling with how to use data analytics in your hiring or retention efforts.Continue Reading

Getting Social with Performance Management

shutterstock_109990055Once you’ve hired what you believe to be the right person for the job, any savvy human resources manager knows the work doesn’t stop there.

Instead of using a ho-hum or dreaded annual review, using a performance management process is a way to continually communicate with employees their priorities, job responsibilities, and job performance, to ensure that expectations are clear between workers, supervisors, and employers. Social media platforms present an interesting and creative way to involve employees in performance management year-round – and even to “crowdsource” employees’ traditional review process.Continue Reading

How to Respond to Tragedy in Your Workplace

Learn how human resources managers should help employees in the days, weeks, and months after a workplace tragedy.When the worst happens, human resources managers are in a unique and important position, providing leadership to help employees heal emotionally and mentally. A tragedy in any workplace, such as the recent Navy Yard shooting in Washington D.C., the Newtown, Conn., school shootings, and other horrific situations can cause workers to be paralyzed with grief.

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How to Combat Employee Disengagement

Unhappy employees don't have to be part of your workforce.Employees often spend more time at work than at home, so when their job starts to feel like a chore and they lose their passion, it could impact your bottom line.Continue Reading

eHarmony for Employers?

Applyingonline dating algorithms to employee recruitment?Finding a good employee can be a lot like finding a good man (or woman). You want to make sure you’re well-suited for each other, that you have similar goals, and that the relationship won’t reach an untimely end. In short, you want to determine your level of compatibility before you commit.

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How to Coach Office Introverts to Their Potential

how to manage introverted employeesIf you manage more than one person in your organization, you know that individual temperaments come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got the people who dominate meetings, the ones who are first in line for every new project, and the go-to employees for organizing after-work happy hour. And then there are the workers who eat lunch at their desk, skip every social gathering, and basically keep to themselves as much as humanly possible.

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