Getting Social with Performance Management

shutterstock_109990055Once you’ve hired what you believe to be the right person for the job, any savvy human resources manager knows the work doesn’t stop there.

Instead of using a ho-hum or dreaded annual review, using a performance management process is a way to continually communicate with employees their priorities, job responsibilities, and job performance, to ensure that expectations are clear between workers, supervisors, and employers. Social media platforms present an interesting and creative way to involve employees in performance management year-round – and even to “crowdsource” employees’ traditional review process.Continue Reading

Creating a Workplace with Social Human Resources

Social human resources can better your recruiting and employee engagement efforts.Social media doesn’t need to be delegated to non-work activities or banned from the workplace. More and more businesses are using social media to promote themselves and their products and services, as well as their involvement in the community, so human resources executives and owners also should consider going a step further and using social media platforms internally to benefit employees.Continue Reading