Why Employees Lie When Taking a Sick Day

why employees lie about their sick daysEvery employer has a different approach when it comes to offering sick time. On the one hand, workers have a set number of days they are allowed to call out for illness, while at other companies, staffers get personal days for which the reason they stay home doesn’t matter. Then there are those employers with unlimited sick policies (as long as workers don’t try to take advantage).

Based on a recent survey by CareerBuilder, however, it seems that regardless of policy, employees are still afraid to take a sick day, and often resort to making up lies in order to miss work. In fact, of the 49 percent of workers with a Paid Time Off program that allows them to use their time off however they choose, 23 percent still said they feel obligated to make up an excuse for calling out.Continue Reading

Why You Should Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home

shutterstock_73697584With the start of a new school year and the colder months on the way, it’s officially germ season, and flu season is not far behind. In other words, that means you can walk through any workplace, and you’ll hear the coughs and sneezes, and spy cups of honey and lemon and empty cough drop boxes in the kitchen.

Why are people going to work sick you ask? According to a report by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), there are a variety of reasons that Americans say they go to work even though they are feeling under the weather (and are contagious). Continue Reading