6 Things About Pay-Per-Applicant Recruiting That Will Change the Entire Way You Hire

pay per applicant recruiting

If you’ve been relying on subscription postings, job fairs, or post-and-pray listings to discover potential hires, it’s time to change your recruiting ways. Pay-per-applicant (a.k.a. cost-per-applicant) recruiting is simple and efficient, delivering more bang for your buck than traditional tactics. Read on to learn more about pay-per-applicant (PPA) recruiting, but be warned – it’ll change the entire way you hire!

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Top Tips for Filling Night and Weekend Shifts

night and weekend shiftsNo matter how badly people need a job, finding good workers for night and weekend shifts can be a challenge. Such shifts are considered undesirable by many, since these are the times when kids are home from school, and also when everyone with day jobs is ready to party. So how can you secure reliable workers for night and weekend shifts? Take a look at our top tips.

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Reasons Why Job Seekers Say ‘No’

Parking problems, working during sports events among reasons why job seekers may turn you down.When filling positions in the company, HR executives are likely considering the major benefits for future employees — salary, health insurance, vacation, and retirement plans. But what about the small things, such as parking, dress code, or scheduling? Do those options really cause job seekers to say “yes” or “no” to a new position?Continue Reading

How to Become a Great Interviewer (and Get Great Hires)

great interviewerEvery hire starts with an interview. But how can you be sure that a good interview will translate into a good hire?

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eHarmony for Employers?

Applyingonline dating algorithms to employee recruitment?Finding a good employee can be a lot like finding a good man (or woman). You want to make sure you’re well-suited for each other, that you have similar goals, and that the relationship won’t reach an untimely end. In short, you want to determine your level of compatibility before you commit.

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Seelio Links Recruiters With Entry-Level Job Seekers

We love to see Internet innovations that help individuals in their job search, and here’s a new one that can be beneficial to recruiters and college students and recent graduates.

Seelio is one of those: a new social networking site focused on careers, founded by a University of Michigan instructor and alumni. Companies can create accounts to recruit students, and students and recent grads — as long as they have an e-mail address with .edu at the end — can join.

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