Three Hiring Trends to Improve Your Recruitment Efforts

three hiring trends to improve your recruitment effort

Staying current with trends in hiring can help you vault past other employers when you’re vying for talented workers.

But it’s not enough to throw around buzzwords. You have to know how to use respond to or incorporate the trends in your recruiting, hiring, and retention processes.

These three trends identified by LinkedIn are worth watching – and implementing… Continue Reading

Best Practices for Hiring Work-from-Home Employees

From selecting the right employees to being specific about what you expect, there are ways to make hiring work-from-home employees a success.Even though Yahoo made headlines last year by bringing work-from-home workers back to the office, this year’s snowstorms may have shown companies that their employees can work from home and get the job done.Continue Reading

Top 5 Hiring Trends for 2014

Which projected hiring trends in 2013 came true, and which should employers continue to use next year?Several buzzwords — social media, branding, diversity — plunged into the human resources and hiring fields in 2013 and pushed forward recruitment and retention of employees.

Many of the hiring trends predicted for 2013 will continue into 2014, says Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half, a staffing services company that specializes in placement in the accounting, finance, technology, legal, creative, and administrative fields.

McDonald shared five trends from 2013 that will grow in the new year. He writes and speaks frequently on hiring, workplace, and career management topics, and has advised thousands of job seekers and company leaders during his nearly 30 years in recruiting.Continue Reading