Surprising Recruiting Techniques to Attract Top Talent

shutterstock_128521253There are so many layers and components to recruiting, but sometimes, it’s the little things that can help you attract talent, and then determine if they measure up to fill a particular role.

We checked in with Jason Hanold of Hanold Associates — who specializes in HR and has placed senior leaders at Amazon, Google and Nike — for some of his top-secret recruiter success strategies. Here’s what he had to share…Continue Reading

How to Look Beyond the Resume to Find Super Hires

shutterstock_71636047Anyone who knows how to construct a resume or is in tune with what recruiters are looking for in terms of skills and experience can beat the system, so to speak. They might have their elevator speech perfected, provide quantitative examples of past successes, and have a good list of references. They might even know just how to answer the most common interview questions. The question is, what lies beneath their job seeking perfection?

Here’s how to discover the super job seeker attributes that a resume can’t convey…Continue Reading