The Pros and Cons of Employee Referrals

pros and cons of employee referrals

Take a look around your staff and count up how many of them were hired as the result of an employee referral. If you’re like most companies, it probably accounts for between 30 and 50 percent of your hires, based on research by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and MIT.

Like any other hiring method, the outcome can go either way. After you take a head count, think a bit deeper about which hiring decisions have best benefited the company.

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Top Tips for Filling Night and Weekend Shifts

night and weekend shiftsNo matter how badly people need a job, finding good workers for night and weekend shifts can be a challenge. Such shifts are considered undesirable by many, since these are the times when kids are home from school, and also when everyone with day jobs is ready to party. So how can you secure reliable workers for night and weekend shifts? Take a look at our top tips.

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