6 Things About Pay-Per-Applicant Recruiting That Will Change the Entire Way You Hire

pay per applicant recruiting

If you’ve been relying on subscription postings, job fairs, or post-and-pray listings to discover potential hires, it’s time to change your recruiting ways. Pay-per-applicant (a.k.a. cost-per-applicant) recruiting is simple and efficient, delivering more bang for your buck than traditional tactics. Read on to learn more about pay-per-applicant (PPA) recruiting, but be warned – it’ll change the entire way you hire!

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How to Properly Prepare for the Hiring Process

prepare for hiring processThe hiring process is just that – a process – and it starts with a clear plan for success. Top-notch candidates are out there, but you’ll never find them if you don’t lay the proper groundwork. Plus, putting in the work before you meet potential hires saves time, money, and unnecessary stress. Read on for tips to help you prepare for a successful hiring process.

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The Benefits of Cost-Per-Applicant Recruiting

the benefits of cost per applicant recruitingSometimes recruiting can feel like a thankless job – until you get the payoff of a great hire, that is. But until then, you wonder how successful your campaign will be as you invest time, energy, and company dollars into finding the best candidates for your open positions.

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