Sales Personnel Recruiter: “CareerCo Is Better Than Competitors”

 Transamerica Agency Network, Inc.“Recruiting sales personnel is vitally important for both my company and the local district office where I work. It’s also a chief component of my job description. Continue Reading

When Positions Need to Be Filled, He Turns to The Employment Network

When staffing, Circle Infinity turns to The Employment Network first.I have been working with Maryellen Adams and The Employment Network since the inception of the retail automotive cooperative with NJ CAR. Maryellen and her service has proven to be an invaluable asset in finding and screening job applicants.  She is particularly adept at helping me write copy for the listings.  Continue Reading

CORESTAFF Services: “A Partner Now & for the Future”

CORESTAFF Services' testimonial for“CORESTAFF used in our seasonal hiring push with one of our larger clients.Continue Reading

Quick Results Mean Long-Lasting Success for Winnie & Kat

Winnie & Kat client testimonial“We had success very quickly with the Employment Network. I was fairly skeptical of using a lead generation company, but the service and the quality of leads that have been sent are very detailed and thorough.  I am very happy and would highly recommend them as another avenue for leads.”

~Stephanie Romanovich | Winnie & Kat 

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