Sales Personnel Recruiter: “CareerCo Is Better Than Competitors”

 Transamerica Agency Network, Inc.“Recruiting sales personnel is vitally important for both my company and the local district office where I work. It’s also a chief component of my job description.
For three years, I had access to a major job board through a discounted corporate contract specially negotiated by Transamerica for its district offices that was still very expensive. So, at the beginning of this year my manager chose not to re-subscribe. I desperately began researching and looking for alternative Internet recruitment sources where I could search for potential hires. I found and signed on to myriad number of free websites. However, the results from most sites offering varying levels of free access were very disappointing.

“We also tried two fee-based sites. At the outset, I had limited expectations for each. But of the two, CareerCo (originally was far superior to the one that charged us vastly more money and touted itself as specializing in sales personnel, and with a large database of potential applicants. From the responses I got from their search engine, I never got one applicant to answer my calls.

“The responses to our job posting on CareerCo, though less frequent, display a level of interest and candidate follow-through that is far superior to even the original, pricier job board we were using. We have made four hire offers to CareerCo candidates, and one of those applicants has been with us for nearly six months. We never did that well with any other competitor.”

~ Cheryl F. Williams, Sr. Licensed Agency Coordinator | Transamerica Agency Network, Inc.

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