Stop the Bad Hire Bleeding

how to stop a bad hireIf you’re in HR, you know that the cost of a bad hire is pretty significant. But you might be surprised to learn that it’s not the monetary cost that concerns employers the most.

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Infographic: HR Professionals are Feeling Bogged Down

shutterstock_50898250There’s no doubt that human resources is a challenging field, especially for the many professionals who have to run the show on their own without much of a staff. Because the job encompasses so much – recruiting, employee relations, management, benefits, not to mention the tons of paperwork – it’s rare that the opportunity comes along to really focus on a big picture workforce strategy.

At least that seems to be the consensus of a recent poll of 1,300 HR professionals in the United States by BambooHR and HR Daily Advisor. Their study looked at the challenges that HR pros are currently facing, specifically with regard to where they have to (and wish they could) focus their time and energy.Continue Reading

Hiring from the Middle

HR hiring from the middleHere’s a stat that may change your approach to recruiting new candidates: 47 percent of all job postings today are for middle-skills jobs, those that require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree. That according to Accenture’s report: “Bridge the Gap: Rebuilding America’s Middle Skills.”

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Infographic: A Look Into Your Recruiting Future

shutterstock_146178461What the future of recruiting and retaining employees look like for you? To look ahead, you must pay close attention to the trends and mindsets of the current workforce.

The recently released 2014 Emerging Workforce Study by Spherion is a great place for hiring managers and HR directors to start. If for no other reason, the findings indicate a definite shift in the balance of power between employer and employee, namely that you’re no longer in control. As Spherion so eloquently summarizes the research, “high-performing employees begin to exert greater control over their careers. Companies that can’t attract, engage and retain the right talent will lose out.”Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Job Seekers Scroll Past Your Offerings [infographic]

hiring-mistakes-job-offeringsYou seem to be following the rules when it comes to recruiting, yet you’re not attracting the caliber of job seeker that you once did. The reason why is that the rules have drastically changes. Job seekers have more resources available to them than ever before, so you’ll have to adapt your methods to stand out from among the noise.

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How to Be a More Diverse Employer [infographic]

diversity-employers-headlineMany employers consistently say that workplace diversity is one of their top goals. Having a diverse staff not only lends different perspectives, but it is vital for any business that aims to connect with the general public or on a global scale. After all, our world is getting more and more diverse, so our workplaces should reflect that.

Here are some suggestions for how your workplace can embody the spirit of diversity…

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