Recruiting Retirees: An Untapped Talent Pool to Target

shutterstock_189270674Finding the right mix of talent and professional experience for every position is not always a cinch, but it is possible to find someone who’s “been there, done that” if you consider reaching out to retirees. Before you think it’s a waste of time because the person has opted out of the workforce, consider this. A poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos in 2014 found that 40 percent of retired people said they stopped working involuntarily, and 30 percent said they’d return to work if a job became available.Continue Reading

Mr. Bult’s Inc: “Ready to Expand”

testimonial from Mr. Bult’s, Inc. (MBI) recruiting manager“I just spoke to my terminal manager and he said this is – by far – the best source of applicants.Continue Reading

Two Big Plays to Improve Your Hiring Process

figuring out the hiring play by playEveryone assumes that finding the right candidates for your open positions is the hard part when the real hurdle is really what comes before that. To improve the time-to-hire, cost-to-hire and interview-to-hire ratios, you have to stop winging it and put a real gameplan in place, says Kent Burns, president of Simply Driven Executive Search.

Take a look at what he says are the two things that will improve your entire hiring process so that you don’t miss out on the quality candidate catches that come your way.Continue Reading

The Pros and Cons of Employee Referrals

pros and cons of employee referrals

Take a look around your staff and count up how many of them were hired as the result of an employee referral. If you’re like most companies, it probably accounts for between 30 and 50 percent of your hires, based on research by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and MIT.

Like any other hiring method, the outcome can go either way. After you take a head count, think a bit deeper about which hiring decisions have best benefited the company.

Examine some of the pros and cons of employee referrals, and learn how to optimize the hiring help you’re getting.Continue Reading

How to Avoid Franchise Hiring Mistakes

how to avoid franchise hiring mistakesIf you’re a franchise owner, you know all about blood, sweat, and tears – they are what have driven your business since you began your solo venture. But with growth comes the need for help. If nothing else, you need to get back to sleeping a few solid hours a night. The scary part is that you’ll have to delegate responsibilities to others for whom the stakes aren’t nearly as high as they are for you. So how can you put together a staff that will work passionately and productively, and ultimately put your franchise in good hands when you aren’t there?Continue Reading

5 Reasons You Might End Up on the Employer Naughty List

Employers on Santa's naughty listIf you think Santa is a stickler with his lists, you might want to put some thought into how prospective employees feel about your recruiting and hiring behavior. That’s because how you act will ultimately influence whether you end up with a shiny, new staff member or one who is more akin to a lump of coal.Continue Reading