Commission Position Placement

Finding the right employees, especially for Commission Position Placement, can be a challenge. Learn how to successfully find top-notch sales candidates who understand how commission positions work.

Five Things to Consider When Hiring Commission Positions

hiring commission positionsFinding the right employees to work on commission takes savvy recruiting and interviewing, and it can be critical to a company’s success.

It’s a way to bring entry-level people in the door, but experienced workers also may thrive in commission-based positions. These five tips can help you create a team of commission-based workers, whose pay is correlated to performance, to help drive your company’s sales and growth.

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Tips for Hiring Commission-Based Workers

hiring commission workersThe initial stages of a company’s employee recruitment process are only as effective as the job descriptions themselves. And as any hiring manager knows, writing a job description has become something of an art. In theory, adding the words “commission-based salary” to a job posting should be enough to recruit highly motivated candidates, but there will always be those too-eager job applicants who simply aren’t cut out for commission-based positions.

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