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Direct Selling Jobs

Direct Selling Jobs

Direct-selling jobs allow you to set your own hours, choose the services and products you put your hard work behind, and make your own brighter future. From retail opportunities, service offerings, and more, across a wide spectrum of fields and industries, direct sellers really get to choose their own career destiny.

Direct selling opportunities are available in health and wellness, cosmetics, jewelry, mobile pet grooming, kids' and educational activities and events, to name a few. If there's a business you're passionate about, chance are there is direct selling opportunity that you can align with it. In fact, direct selling could turn out to be a direct lifeline to a new career for you!

What most direct selling jobs have in common is that they are off-site, meaning you would become an independent consultant, independent sales representative, distributor, etc. What's great about that is you are never tied into working the typical 9-5 hours at one location. In essense, you can set up your own shop and make your own hours. You can work out of your home office, travel to client locations, or even work virtually some of the time thanks to online and mobile technologies that allow you to connect with and market to clients.

Furthermore, if you choose to become a direct seller, you'll have lots of support to help launch your business. Unlike starting your own business from scratch, you'll be working with an established brand/product/service, and you'll be trained by the parent company to learn its best practices for success. You'll also likely receive some type of start-up kit to help you dive into your independent business, whether it's marketing materials, product, or a website/software to help showcase the business online.

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