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Restaurant / Door Service Jobs

Restaurant / Door Service Jobs

Busy lifestyles bring more reliance on outside services, including restaurant door services. Professionals specializing in delivering prepared, or heat-and-eat, meals are becoming more and more in-demand, as people seek better and healthier options beyond fast food drive-thru and quick, fattening meals that can be eaten while driving your kids to soccer practice.

Restaurant door service companies bring fresh ingredients and home-cooked meals to people's doors either on a subscription basis or as ordered. These companies need workers for a variety of jobs, including chefs, salespeople, managers, delivery drivers, product demonstrators, and in some cases, franchisees to take ownership of the companys product in a city or state.

Some of these companies are small and are in one specific area. The companies are often startups by young chefs, or a nutritionist working with a chef, who might not want to work in restaurants and want to set their own schedules. They usually are self-starters with the ability work alone or in a small group in a kitchen or similar setting and have the marketing skills to promote their business in their community. Their educational background could include degrees from two- and four-year schools and additional classes and certificates from culinary and cooking schools. Others could have years of experience and have started their own business after years in the food service and restaurant industries.

People with aspirations to be a chef often are needed as line cooks, where they would help prepare meals under the supervision of a chef or the companys owner. They can be students or detail-oriented people who can work well with others and carry out directions from supervisors in duties including cooking, rotating perishable food items, and filling orders, among other jobs.

Larger companies need salespeople to sell not only their food, but also their brand and other opportunities they might offer, such as nutritional, weight-loss, and wellness guides, with some employing lifestyle coaches to help their customers continue making healthy eating decisions. These coaches usually have a degree in exercise science or nutrition and can develop relationships with area workout facilities and personal trainers.

For those with culinary or catering skills and aspirations, this is a career menu option worth sampling.