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Corestaff used CareerCo in our seasonal hiring push with one of our larger clients. We tapped them to source candidates for our warehouse and customer service positions. The results were so good in one of our locations that we decided to also do a campaign in a much larger region as well. We had equally strong results with all of the locations and we definitely consider them as a partner now and for the foreseeable future."
Patrick McFall, Recruiting Manager | CORESTAFF Services

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"Thank you CareerCo for helping me find a job so fast! I have used over 10 websites searching for jobs. I never expected to receive a phone call from a customer service rep to help me find a job. Just minutes after signing up with CareerCo I received a call and the young man helped me apply for jobs right in my area. #prettycool"
Eric, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"Recently retired, I was looking for some part-time work that would allow me to have a flexible schedule. CareerCo had some great options for me. Their customer service is excellent and actually introduced me to a part-time career transporting RVs. I work where I want, when I want. And, I make great money while traveling across the country."
Robert, Charlotte, NC

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Through a patent-pending process called “CareerMAP," CareerCo job seekers are matched to job openings based on their preferences, geographic location, experience, interests, etc. Do a search at CareerCo's flagship job board site like http://FindTheRightJob.com, for instance, and relevant job postings will be delivered to you in real time through a delivery process called "CareerCo WOOF Job Alerts" via our 500+ telephone-based career advisors, email, text message (SMS), and push notification. After all, timing is everything when looking for a job! WOOF!

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